Friday, November 20, 2009


I just received my CSP certification.

Looks like I'm thus the 3rd CSP in Spain (the other two currently listed in the Scrum Alliance directory are Andy P. Murthar and David Doctor Sánchez-Migallón).

I ask myself the same question I asked David Doctor a couple of months ago: Will this be of any use? I mean... beyond giving me the right to paste this here:

I went through the process because I dream of becoming an agile coach. I mean a real one: someone who helps teams in their path to agility, not just a CSC. And I have the (perhaps naive) belief that these certs & seals will eventually give me some marketing leverage in finding my guinea pigs.

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  1. Hi Jordi,

    Congratulations! Our next step is to learn how to be a good coach.